Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Square wedding cake.... Oh my?!

MWhy oh why did I agree to square fondant covered wedding cake???

Because I'm always up for a challenge that's why!

My first professional square cake was butter cream only with a gum paste Lilly and gum paste sea shells!!

Luckily the gum paste Lilly was fantasy flower (looks similar but not natural) and it is covered in fondant!

Unfortunately, I've never covered a square cake in fondant!!! Ah what to do what to do...

I searched online duh! And practiced! And it turned out well!!!! 

The design of the cake was from the bride. I was sooooooo lucky I was searching for something else and found this excellent filigree stencil on Evil Cake Genius. I was so excited to use it and it was beautiful!!!!  Stacked the cake and used this dowel technique I saw where there's one long center dowel since the cake had a three hour road trip!!!!

The cake was vanilla cake with vanilla IMBC and vanilla fondant with chocolate royal icing (tinted black).

It was wonderful! The friend of the bride who ordered the cake had great things to say about it and he said they LOVED the cake!!! Excellent way to end a square cake weekend ☺️

Well, happy caking!!!!