About Me

Mom, culinarian, cake decorator, lover of the arts, baker, poet, wife...

I'm an avid learner, I love knowledge. You can learn something new daily, and I love that.

I love blogging about the things that make my life happy (food, things I do with my family, & mostly cakes!!!)

Hope you enjoy my journeys, I have several...

I change daily, thank God

More about me
So Let There be Cake by Jae P has been in production for over ten years. I have been cooking and baking since I was 12, but my inspiration came rooted by the disappearance of home cooked meals in my life.

So I decided I am going to open a bakery/cafĂ© and share all I have in food. I love baking and I love eating so I think that this is great. I like to take recipes apart and “twist” them to suit my tastes and style.

Since I don’t eat pork or beef, I rarely season with it, but my husband does, so I at least cook it for him. Hope to inspire you to get in kitchen.