Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today I made stuffed crepes, crepes with peaches and cream cheese, peach sauce, sausages and grapes.

So i was nervous because i wanted to make sure everything was ok...
But once the first one came out...
I felt better...
My breakfast, stuffed crepes and raisin toast!

Snack was easy and pretty cool... Had pound cake, cut them into topsy turvy shapes, made faux mini wedding cakes...
Hope it was a cool idea!!!

Have a great one...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Breakfast & snack

I have been missing in action a couple days because i was fasting, but still cooking. But keep in mind that food was my sacrifice so i could not write about it during that time. So here is what i've been up to:
Baked pancake with strawberries and blueberries with a dollap of brown sugar cream cheese, bacon & clementine wedges

Banana nut bread with caramel Sauce

Spinach Frittata, sausage, fresh berries, banana nut bread muffin

Tea-infused sponge cake with honey tea glaze

So folks, hope you are inspired. Love you, looking forward to more cakes to show you!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Cake? Icing? Filling?

Well, this week I did something different. I polled my friends and followers to see their thoughts on their favorite cakes, icings, and fillings.

Now if I had asked this same question to myself a couple years ago, my answer would probably be similar to the answers I got.

People mostly stated that chocolate cake or red velvet cake, cream cheese icing or butter cream icing (not stating the difference in butter cream), no fillings.
<---Eros Torte: genoise, caramel nut filling, poached pears, caramel mousse, joconde

Now that I have been tasting and making different types of cakes, I, myself, have a different answer to give.

I would have, back then, said chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (cake, icing, filling). But now, I like more complex flavors, not overly sweet, but with an overall sweetness.

My chef instructor, Jackie T, loves the flavor of frangipagne, when I first heard of it, I was like, "eww, what is that?"

Then, after making it and tasting it, frangipagne (almond flavored cream), is pretty good. I love almond paste now, (laughing at myself very loud, if you only knew).
<---Apricot Cake with apricot mousse, vanilla Italian Meringue butter cream, apricot gelee, apricot sauce, candied almonds and diced apricots

In the direction of where I am going, with baking, etc., I love to see how people think in accessing flavors, but my new question is: do people ever want to try to extend their flavor palate or will they continue to be labeled as simple minded flavor lovers?

In saying that I mean, when looking at American cakes v. European cakes, Americans are seens as simplistic flavor lovers, while Europeans generally like complex flavors. Americans like higher fat, Europeans tend to like lower fat (with overall dessert being hih in fat, but the base cake not being high).

<<<----Opera Torte: coffee Italian Meringue butter cream, chocolate ganache, biscuit joconde cake, chocolate glaze.

Frazier Torte: ^
Sponge cake, diplomat cream, fresh strawberries, marzipan, strawberry coulis.

Frazier Torte------->>>

So after all this polling, and personal experience, I realized I dont have a favorite cake, icing or filling any longer. I have some not so favorites (i.e. bergamot), but I really enjoy tasting new things.

<<--- Palomo Torte: dacquoise, mascarpone mousse, genoise, strawberry insert, strawberry gelee, joconde

Carrot cake, caramel filling, Italian Meringue Butter cream (flavored)

So, if you are ever thinking of cake, think of what I learned... Stretch your mind and try something new!

Be on lookout for new topic next week with more questions of the day! Thanks for all the insight.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Dinner tonight

Well tonight i stretched my creativity and the family loved it.

I made an Asian inspired marinade for some Salmon filets, brown rice with peas & corn and sliced bananas.

Dinner was so good, i didnt get a good picture of a finished plate, but i have components. The kids loved dinner and my dad (pickiest eater ever) gave me a huge compliment!

All smiles for me. Have a great one, see you tomorrow
Soaking the cedar

Cedar wrapped salmon before oven ^_^

Marinating salmon ^.^

Brown rice with peas and corn ^.^

Great Monday!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

End of Wedding Week: Phillips Wedding Cake

After a stressful week, I finished the wedding cake!

So here is the run down on it: vanilla genoise, vanilla cream cheese filling, vanilla butter cream fondant. I made a plaque out of fondant, which i purple dusted the letters, finished with ribbon.

Overall, I loved it. If I had to do it over, I wouldnt be as stressed out, but Im a perfectionist. Wanted the bride to be happy.

So, there's the good end to my week. I hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hanging with my girls

I know i usually write about my own cooking, but every now and again, I find a place that I love and I have to share.

On an outing with my girls, we stopped at this hidden spot on Whitaker Street in Savannah called Your Pie! Great place!!!
Me and the girls shared a pizza that we got to create. That was what actually caught my eye on the menu. You can make your own pizza, calzone, or salad. We picked whole wheat dough, traditional marinara, low fat mozerella, bell peppers, basil & mushrooms. It was delish.

The girls of course were apprehensive about the mushrooms and peppers. But I loved it!

After pizza, we walked a block or two down Whitaker to Sweet Carolinas Cupcakes!!! Great, great atmosphere.

As soon as you walk in, the bright lights, walls and floors draw you in. Not to mention the giant cupcake display! My girls picked out of Thursday's highlighted flavors: Neopolitan, Sweet Carolina, & Red velvet (which we shared, I worked out extra hard to cheat today!)

We loved the experience and the staff was wonderful. Helping the mom (me) get three girls to the bathroom.
I recommend both locations because we had fun, the staff at both places were genuinely friendly and helpful.

Your Pie has a nice menu, but I would probably always build my own (I'm a rebel, lol).
Sweet Carolinas Cupcakes has a daily menu which showcases different flavors with the classic chocolate and vanilla available everyday.

Both the restaurant and the bakery have facebook pages.
Your Pie:
Sweet Carolinas:

You can also follow Sweet Carolinas on twitter @SCCupcakes

So, have a great Thursday evening, and on Friday, go to downtown Savannah on Whitaker St and try out these places.

Love you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding cake week

Hello loves, well this week the main event is the wedding cake i have on Saturday!

Im excited and nervous at the same time. I want everything to be right.

Soooo the wedding cake is starting off beautiful. Cannot wait for the finished product.

Hope the family enjoys it as much as i enjoyed making it.

Vanilla Genoise
Mixing egg foam

Getting it to ribbon stage
In the oven baking nicely, nice even turn

Cooling cakes

So, I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Keep you updated!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today 8/4 @ Tybee Island Inn

Well today was okay, we presented a new casserole, called a Breakfast Lasagna. The guests loved it.
I paired it with strawberries and bananas topped with a lemon hinted yogurt dressing. Might i add that it was yummy, (^_^)

We also added cinnamon rolls which i warmed and drizzled a brown sugar caramel sauce on. It was happy faces all around, which makes me smile.

For afternoon snack, I revamped blueberry muffins, by adding cinnamon streusel, they had the kitchen smelling good.
Im glad they turned out good. They smelled delicious. Two young ladies kept trying to snag some, lol. Love it.
So as you make summer plans, come try us out at the Tybee Island Inn.

So happy Saturday, I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dulce de leche rum sauce

Today in Latin cuisine, i was able to make dulce de leche & rum sauce to go with crepes my friend, Alyssa made.

It was a fun process. Chef Vard joked me, calling me impatient, lol.

He might be right.

Anyway, i took a quart of milk and added 9 oz of sugar, brought it to a boil, then turned it down to a simmer.
As it simmers, stir occassnally, while it gets golden in color.
When sauce gets golden and thicker, remove from heat. Add 8 oz of heavy cream, return mixture to simmer. Remove from heat and add 2 oz of rum.
Incredible sauce. We paired it with pistachios and crepes. Tasted great!

Have a fun Friday, love ya!!!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today 8/2 @ Tybee Island Inn

Today was interesting. I tried a new recipe and oh boy, was like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast!!! Loved it.
The pumpkin breakfast casserole was paired with sausage links and a tropical inspired, layered fruit parfait.

The afternoon snack was a lemon pound cake with lemon glaze garnished with grapes.
So i hope you enjoyed your Thursday, I did...

Have a great one, Jae!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today 8/1 @ Tybee Island Inn

Today was nice. I met the new innkeeper, Wendy. She is super sweet and I look forward to working with her more.

For breakfast, I made shirred eggs (baked), candied peppered bacon, clementine segments, and my famous banana nut bread.
Look at that line up...

I did a cute plate design using the segments as a starfish, (^_^)

The guests were happy, and so were the owners. I loved that reaction...

For afternoon snack, I made cinnamon streusel muffins. Boy did they have the entire b&b smelling good. Cinnamon is a comforting smell.

I love the different cake plates, i get to use.

Well, i hope your Wednesday was a good one.

If you ever want a vacation, come to Tybee Island Inn. Two reasons, one: the beach is beautiful, two: you get breakfast from me and i love to please. Oh and because all the staff at TII are great! (I know shameless plug, but Im actually honest.)

Have a great one.