Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Under the sea themed cake

It's been awhile since I've last post anything. It's actually been a while since my last cake as well. 

My latest cake. Chocolate on chocolate cake with under the sea theme

The sketch was a sea tier with a mermaid  tail diving tier. Totally didn't turn out that way. 

The cake ended up looking like an under water cave with waves splashing against it!

The birthday girl was very happy, so this extremely tired caker was glad. 

Waves were made from colored isomalt sugar. Cake is chocolate covered in dark chocolate ganache. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Stephen King cake collaboration

So I was in another awesome cake collaboration. 

My piece is a modeling chocolate figurine of Marg H. in the TommyKnockers. She was possessed and turning into an alien. 

I'm excited about this collab. Stephen King thanked everyone who wished him Happy Birthday!!!!

Everyone who was in the collaboration is incredibly talented. Cannot wait until next year. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dante's Inferno Collaboration

Well, I tried again...

Stepped outside the comfort zone and did another cake collaboration!!!

This one is the best, based off the poem Dante's Inferno! I chose to make my piece after the canon on lust.

I modeled a lust demon/person consumed with lust out of modeling chocolate, dressed her in fondant. I'm impressed how I did. Her face and top torso turned out heart but her legs and arms, I wasn't a fan of. My hands are so hot that modeling chocolate melts in them, but I love the medium! I'm getting better and I will work more on legs, arms, hands and feet!

The complete collaboration video  can be found:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Square wedding cake.... Oh my?!

MWhy oh why did I agree to square fondant covered wedding cake???

Because I'm always up for a challenge that's why!

My first professional square cake was butter cream only with a gum paste Lilly and gum paste sea shells!!

Luckily the gum paste Lilly was fantasy flower (looks similar but not natural) and it is covered in fondant!

Unfortunately, I've never covered a square cake in fondant!!! Ah what to do what to do...

I searched online duh! And practiced! And it turned out well!!!! 

The design of the cake was from the bride. I was sooooooo lucky I was searching for something else and found this excellent filigree stencil on Evil Cake Genius. I was so excited to use it and it was beautiful!!!!  Stacked the cake and used this dowel technique I saw where there's one long center dowel since the cake had a three hour road trip!!!!

The cake was vanilla cake with vanilla IMBC and vanilla fondant with chocolate royal icing (tinted black).

It was wonderful! The friend of the bride who ordered the cake had great things to say about it and he said they LOVED the cake!!! Excellent way to end a square cake weekend ☺️

Well, happy caking!!!!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Memorial Day Cake Collaboration

For Memorial Day, I was able to participate in a cake collaboration with othe cake artists around the world to give honor to these men and women who served!

As a veteran of the Army, I was so honored to be a part of the collaboration and be able to share with everyone my appreciation for the ultimate sacrifice!
The cake was lemon with champagne strawberries, whipped cream and champagne IMBC.

The collaboration video is

The collaboration Facebook page is

Can't wait until next year!

Beach figurine

Well, I've been busy... 
The latest cake is celebrating the summer!!!!! 

Excited because it gave me the opportunity to work on figurine work! I'm always excited to practice new techniques and she was a slight challenge. My beach lady was made with modeling chocolate. Her bathing suit is made from vanilla fondant. 

I'm excited because she turned out great. Working on more detail work, have to better my hands and legs.

The cake is cookies and cream cake with vanilla IMBC, and brown sugar "sand"!

Until next time, Jae

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day... Good gracious cakes!!!

Mother's Day weekend was surprisingly very busy for me!!!!

Surprise because my journey with Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts ended

Surprise because I don't really have a large client base here but I'm so happy!!!

Talk about busy!!!! Five cakes over the Mother's Day weekend!!!! Oh happy day!

The first was a cake for a good friend of mine... He wanted something like Cake Boss for his mom!!! So he opted for a Black Forest cake covered in fondant with gumpaste roses and poppies. 

The second was for another good friend... He wasn't sure what he wanted for his mom... So I asked him the basic questions I usually ask in consultation, he asked his mom while I was on the phone in a joking way... Couple minutes later, we have a surprise order of coconut cake with coconut creme, vanilla IMBC with shredded coconut, modeling chocolate plaque and gumpaste roses.

Third cake was simple, coconut cake with coconut creme vanilla IMBC and shredded coconut.  The cake was for a member of my new church home...

The fourth and fifth cakes were for three very important women in my life... My mom, my aunt and my godmom!!! This was a special Mother's Day for us... Both of my grandmothers have went to glory, my step grandma, my great aunt (who was my surrogate mom) are also home in glory! So this day was so hard but we celebrate anyway!!! Their cakes were special to me because I got to try a new recipe and surprise these great women with cake ☺️!!!!

Pink champagne cake with champagne soaked strawberries, vanilla chantilly and champagne IMBC!  Lemon cake with champagne soaked strawberries, vanilla chantilly and champagne IMBC!!!

They loved them!!!

Overall a great weekend surprising moms with cakes I enjoyed making. So excited that they loved them!!!

Until next time!!!!