Monday, October 29, 2012

Top tiers on wedding cake, dos and don'ts

Well it has been over a month since my last post. Had a lot going on with my health, but I'm back and ready to rock more cakes out!

So as a cake baker and future celebrity go to for wedding cakes, etc (got to speak it into the atmosphere), I was looking at things people need to know about cakes, especially wedding cakes, when it deals with storage (the tradition of storing the top tier to eat on your anniversary).

My advice: DON'T! The thawed caked if stored improperly will taste awful and the fond memories you had on your wedding day will be replaced with nasty cake.

It has been over four years since I had my wedding and I never cut into the anniversary tier (except at my wedding). We stored it, but improperly and here are the results. For the record, no I did not thaw it to taste it, I took pictures and threw it out.

Beautiful carrot cake with ice crystals everywhere because the cake was not wrapped properly.

Cake lumpy and distorted looking... My poor cake, at least the fondant is still the right color

Fondant mushed and cracked due to improper storage, again the ice crystals...

Close up on the dents and ice crystals...

If you do want to deep freeze your top tier though, the first thing to do is place it in regular freezer for an hour to harden. Then wrap in plastic wrap airtight, then wrap in foil airtight. Place in an undisturbed spot in the deep freezer. When you are ready to eat it, place in refrigerator to thaw properly. Once thawed, let it come to room temperature before you eat it.

My advice (again): ask your bakery if they will make you an anniversary cake (small replica of your wedding cake in design and taste). It will be better than a thawed off-tasting cake.

Well, hopefully my hiatus has not been for too long and my efforts are not in vain...

Business update!

Im officially open to sell cakes and other pastries... To contact, please email

Have a blessed one always!!!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Blogger Opportunity

See me guest blogging on /a>/a>l

I love the group I am in on facebook, Bloggers Like Me. I get to interact with these amazing women, might I add positive women on a regular basis.

Anywho, during our latest chat, I met this extremely nice woman named, Ty. She offered little me to do a guest spot on her blog. After being nervous and flattered, I did what I normally do, talk to you guys/girls and whipped up something nice.

I hope you like it. Please continue supporting me and support her as well.

Love you always,
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Business update

Well, like I said I've been busy trying to get business side of Cakes by Jae P up and running. Thanks to my good friend, Jae Dollason, I have a logo and official colors!!! So excited.
It has some shape work and also some icons with it, I'll post more later. I am excited, I am really praying for all good news these next few months...

The official card!! Awesome design, did I mention, I love Jae Dollason!!!

Better view of card

For her contact info, please email me directly so I can get you her information. Love you.

Developing recipes and sneak peak

Well since my hospital exit, I've been more determined than ever to get my home cake decorating business started. So motivated.

So today, I was back in the lab (my kitchen) developing recipes, vanilla butter cake and devils food cake. The cake turned out well in cake pan, but my cupcake attempts fell short because I dont have a proper scoop, oh well, back to drawing board on that!

The devils food, I just put in cupcake tins to try different scoop techniques. I am impressed at my scoop substitituing skills, but I am still going to by the real deal for when I have cupcake orders.

Sooooo, what am I making??? I gave one sneak peek on my facebook fan page. But for the cupcakes, it is a surprise!!

Stay tuned family, love always,

Facebook fan page information is on the contact us page located on right! Love ya.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cookies, cookies, cookies

In preparation of me being busy these next couple of months for the holidays (speaking life into my business), I baked 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies!

My handie assistants were no help, drooling as the kitchen filled up with sweet, chocolate smells!
Kia checking to make sure they are done, they were!!!

Fresh from oven, no decorations

Taste tester! Hmm, does she like them?
Look Auntie, I'm tasting this! Lol, I love my assistants!
Happy taste tester! Love my sister!

So I am getting ready for the rest of my day...

Enjoy your day,