Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mickey Mouse Cake

Hello family,

Well, last week I was blessed to be able to try to recreate a Mickey Mouse in cake form for my wonderful, incredibly talented, and supportive brother.  ( I say this because he is an amazing artist and I think he could excel as a cartoonist or comic book illustrator, who knows... back to the cake...)

So, drawing inspiration from a Mickey Mouse cupcake I saw on Shereen's Cakes and Bakes Facebook page, please click here to see her wonderful page, I made this 9 in cake into Mickey.  In retrospect, given more time, I would have went a little more 3 dimensional, but I still like the way her turned out.

Hope you like him... lots of love,
Happy birthday for a special lady

Some parts are three dimensional, like his tongue :)

Completed and smiling