Saturday, October 6, 2012

Developing recipes and sneak peak

Well since my hospital exit, I've been more determined than ever to get my home cake decorating business started. So motivated.

So today, I was back in the lab (my kitchen) developing recipes, vanilla butter cake and devils food cake. The cake turned out well in cake pan, but my cupcake attempts fell short because I dont have a proper scoop, oh well, back to drawing board on that!

The devils food, I just put in cupcake tins to try different scoop techniques. I am impressed at my scoop substitituing skills, but I am still going to by the real deal for when I have cupcake orders.

Sooooo, what am I making??? I gave one sneak peek on my facebook fan page. But for the cupcakes, it is a surprise!!

Stay tuned family, love always,

Facebook fan page information is on the contact us page located on right! Love ya.