Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day... Good gracious cakes!!!

Mother's Day weekend was surprisingly very busy for me!!!!

Surprise because my journey with Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts ended

Surprise because I don't really have a large client base here but I'm so happy!!!

Talk about busy!!!! Five cakes over the Mother's Day weekend!!!! Oh happy day!

The first was a cake for a good friend of mine... He wanted something like Cake Boss for his mom!!! So he opted for a Black Forest cake covered in fondant with gumpaste roses and poppies. 

The second was for another good friend... He wasn't sure what he wanted for his mom... So I asked him the basic questions I usually ask in consultation, he asked his mom while I was on the phone in a joking way... Couple minutes later, we have a surprise order of coconut cake with coconut creme, vanilla IMBC with shredded coconut, modeling chocolate plaque and gumpaste roses.

Third cake was simple, coconut cake with coconut creme vanilla IMBC and shredded coconut.  The cake was for a member of my new church home...

The fourth and fifth cakes were for three very important women in my life... My mom, my aunt and my godmom!!! This was a special Mother's Day for us... Both of my grandmothers have went to glory, my step grandma, my great aunt (who was my surrogate mom) are also home in glory! So this day was so hard but we celebrate anyway!!! Their cakes were special to me because I got to try a new recipe and surprise these great women with cake ☺️!!!!

Pink champagne cake with champagne soaked strawberries, vanilla chantilly and champagne IMBC!  Lemon cake with champagne soaked strawberries, vanilla chantilly and champagne IMBC!!!

They loved them!!!

Overall a great weekend surprising moms with cakes I enjoyed making. So excited that they loved them!!!

Until next time!!!!