Monday, April 13, 2015

Little mermaid cake

Hey everyone,

Every cake makes you learn a little more about yourself, and this one is no exception.

2D Ariel on a cake, no issue right...

Wrong... Everything goes great until you start shaking from not eating food...

If I didn't share, I will now, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November and it's normally not an issue as long as I eat right...

On this beautiful cake, I decided to work on it nonstop, no lunch and that means shaky hands... (Side note: NEVER AGAIN!!!)

Everything with Ariel was great except I didn't want to do eyes on her, she was soooo beautiful without them... (My opinion) 

So with shaky hands I added eyes and now I don't like her as much! But they loved her so that's all that matters ☺️

Cake was almond cake with vanilla butter cream and fondant Ariel and white chocolate seashells/seahorse.
She doesn't look that bad, but in retrospect, I'd have done her eyes in fondant... I'm so picky...

Until next time,