Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today 8/4 @ Tybee Island Inn

Well today was okay, we presented a new casserole, called a Breakfast Lasagna. The guests loved it.
I paired it with strawberries and bananas topped with a lemon hinted yogurt dressing. Might i add that it was yummy, (^_^)

We also added cinnamon rolls which i warmed and drizzled a brown sugar caramel sauce on. It was happy faces all around, which makes me smile.

For afternoon snack, I revamped blueberry muffins, by adding cinnamon streusel, they had the kitchen smelling good.
Im glad they turned out good. They smelled delicious. Two young ladies kept trying to snag some, lol. Love it.
So as you make summer plans, come try us out at the Tybee Island Inn.

So happy Saturday, I hope you enjoy the rest of it.