Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hanging with my girls

I know i usually write about my own cooking, but every now and again, I find a place that I love and I have to share.

On an outing with my girls, we stopped at this hidden spot on Whitaker Street in Savannah called Your Pie! Great place!!!
Me and the girls shared a pizza that we got to create. That was what actually caught my eye on the menu. You can make your own pizza, calzone, or salad. We picked whole wheat dough, traditional marinara, low fat mozerella, bell peppers, basil & mushrooms. It was delish.

The girls of course were apprehensive about the mushrooms and peppers. But I loved it!

After pizza, we walked a block or two down Whitaker to Sweet Carolinas Cupcakes!!! Great, great atmosphere.

As soon as you walk in, the bright lights, walls and floors draw you in. Not to mention the giant cupcake display! My girls picked out of Thursday's highlighted flavors: Neopolitan, Sweet Carolina, & Red velvet (which we shared, I worked out extra hard to cheat today!)

We loved the experience and the staff was wonderful. Helping the mom (me) get three girls to the bathroom.
I recommend both locations because we had fun, the staff at both places were genuinely friendly and helpful.

Your Pie has a nice menu, but I would probably always build my own (I'm a rebel, lol).
Sweet Carolinas Cupcakes has a daily menu which showcases different flavors with the classic chocolate and vanilla available everyday.

Both the restaurant and the bakery have facebook pages.
Your Pie:
Sweet Carolinas:

You can also follow Sweet Carolinas on twitter @SCCupcakes

So, have a great Thursday evening, and on Friday, go to downtown Savannah on Whitaker St and try out these places.

Love you.