Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding cakes

So, I've been busy lately with school and events. Only so often do I get to participate in something I truly enjoy doing. So Saturday was my fun filled day of events, three in one day to be exact. Starts off with helping chef t with open house, she did a demo on piping on wedding cakes. I was privileged to be piping as the tour came past, score one for me. After open house, I was able to see the completion of a wedding cake contract, the actual delivery. I love my life and what I am doing. I am happy that went well, even though it was blistering hot. Note to future brides: if it is going to be HOT on your wedding day and you are having an outdoor wedding, butter cream is not your friend... Choose fondant with butter cream under it! The last event was a blast. Dining with Friends. It was an awesome experience, I learned I am a silly, yet entertaining person when asked to pass food around. Meet one of two singing tray girls, me! I love my life. I'm thankful for my experiences this weekend, and grateful I have people in my life helping me out. Well, I'm about to make dinner... On the menu, turkey sausage spaghetti, peach/mango sorbet for dessert. As always, stay in the kitchen. Fom mine to yours... Love :-)