Thursday, August 22, 2013

Latest from me

Hi family,

Sorry I have not been posting like I used to, here's what I have been up to since the 4th of July...

Malibu Marshamllows

Strawberry lemonade bars

Strawberry Lemonade Marshamllows

First attempt at Coffee Lollipops

Almond Bark

Orange Hazelnut Truffles

Staff Appreciation

Pina  Colada Truffles
Pecan pie taffy

Bacon beignet, bananas foster doughnut
and sticky toffee doughnut

Sweet Corn Custard

Peach Crostada

Assorted Truffles

Staff birthday

Ginger ale Marshamallows

honeycomb candy


macadamia nut clusters

toffee bars

grilled duck breast on ciabatta with gouda and fig preserves
side of sweet potato fries yummy!

my passion of the strawberries :)

Can we pass the drinks?
peach bellini, pina colada and strawberry daiquiri
in doughnut form :)

Banana cream "pie"

Peanut butter pie

house made fruit loops clusters

cashew clusters

french apple tartlets

a really nice amenity I helped with 

"ice cream sandwich" marshmallows

Amaretti truffles and molded cameos

triple chocolate cups

s'mores tartlets

raspberry mini cheesecakes

red velvet cake with strawberry salad

staff birthday

blueberry almond clusters

new cupcakes at Buffalo's

red velvet, carrot and cherry coke

cashew clusters

Care for a cup of tea... in doughnut form?
Green tea, Orange Earl Grey and Chai

Blueberry Buckle

Chocolate pudding
 As you can see I have been busy but forever making some of my favorites... Have a cake and a cheesecake coming up cannot wait to share.

Love ya always,


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