Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Frozen Cake

So this was my first 2D cake, Ive done with a human-like face.

I'm such a perfectionist so I definitely freaked out a little lol.

Olaf was easy, as expected, he is not 2D, he is 3-dimensional, just lying down, but if i was interested in putting him together instead of swimming, i could have.

My daughter loves Frozen and the inspiration came from Olaf's song, "In Summer" though Elsa is her favorite character, he was a must have as well on the cake.

In retrospect, i would have done the face differently, a little less puffy right side cheek, a little more puffy left side cheek, but the experience was well worth it.

The birthday girl loved her cake, recognized the characters instantly and told me I was the greatest!!!! Now thats a great compliment!

Cake is almond cake with cream cheese filling, vanilla IMBC. Olaf is fondant, Elsa is fondant.

Love lots, until next time...