Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July Macaroons and Bake Sale "Pie" Cupcakes

Hello all,
Well as time dwindles closer to the fourth of July, things at work start looking a lot red, white & blue!  Today (July 3, 2013) I made Gerber Macaroons, which were dyed red and blue.  They were sandwiched together with Almond IMBC.  So the flavor was pure almond goodness.  I also got to free hand a couple of stars, a girl and a cat.  I got that idea from something I saw posted on Facebook.  The next time I make macaroons, I will try more shapes.  The idea is so cool.  Besides, practice makes perfect.  Macaroons are so good when they are made correctly: crunchy outside, slightly chewy center!!!!!!  I love petit fours and these are one of my favorites to make.  I get excited about them like I bakes a cake J
Red, white & blue macaroons

Gerber macaroons with almond IMBC

Representing the red, white & blue

Close up

Free hand cat shaped macaroon :)
Quite impressed that it turned out

Macaroons lined up and ready

Any July 4th birthdays?????

Me working hard piping mini macaroons for
after dinners (mignardise)

Piping consistently :)

Well until next time family!

Oh, by the way, you can actually see the macaroon creations at our sister restaurant, Buffalo’s!!!!  They are on display and for sale!!!  They will be showcased with the red, white and blue cupcakes and my newest dazzler (inspired from another Facebook post and Google search) bake-sale “pie” cupcakes.  These cupcakes are designed to look like real pie.  I made blueberry, cherry/strawberry, peach and lemon-lime chess pies!!!! 
"Blueberry pie"

"Cherry/Strawberry pie"

"Peach pie and Lemon-lime pie"

Chocolate cupcakes with butterscotch IMBC

Lined up and ready for "Bake Sale"


Hope you enjoy them, I enjoyed making them. 

Love, peace and baking,