Sunday, March 1, 2015

2/28 Wedding Cake


After the long sad hiatus, I'm back!!!! I actually haven't stopped working nor have I stopped making cakes, I have been so wrapped up in life that I had to step back from my blog...

That's over!!!! Back to the cake!!!!!

So yesterday was the beautiful wedding for Eric and Samantha. I had the opportunity to meet them through my friend who also was their caterer!

So I made them a four tier, stacked, all butter cream cake!

I've done stacked cakes before but to say I was intimidated by how large this cake was going to be is an understatement! But praise God, it turned out beautiful!!!!

The entire cake is vanilla with vanilla Italian Meringue butter cream, the silver accents are silver diamond cake jewelry bling, and the flowers are real organic white roses with the one pink rose for accent.
This is truly a favorite cake this far!!!!

Until next time cakers,