Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mine craft cake

Mine craft... 

Mine craft...

I've never seen it, played it, or been interested in it. The only reason I know what the characters look like is because of my son, he's a gamer!

So when my dear friend/sister asks me to remake a cake for her son's birthday, do I take the challenge...

Uh yes!!!

I set out to recreate a cake she sent me, was an all-nighter, but I was pleased with the cake...

Luckily for me I did the Mine Craft world some justice.

I asked my gamer and he said it was perfect!

And the best part, the birthday boy LOVED it!

Talk about exciting!!! I don't like recreating other people's designs but I'm happy I was able to do it!
The cake was vanilla with vanilla IMBC and vanilla fondant. Also used chocolate fondant for decorations.

Until next time,